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Desert Revival - Copper Set

SKU: SSF-1120
Combination Set: Turquoise
Color: Turquoise
  • Fashion Fix:

    Necklace: "Desert Revival " (P2ST-CPXX-035WP)
    Flanked by ornate copper beads, two oversized turquoise stones give way to a strand of alternating rustic copper and refreshing turquoise discs. As the discs layer in place, they build into an authentically artisan statement piece that falls just below the collar. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

    Earring: "Garden Adventure" (P5WH-SVXX-204UD)
    Embossed and studded in antiqued floral patterns, flowery silver discs flank a vine-like silver fitting, coalescing into a whimsical lure. Earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting.

    Bracelet: "Eco Experience " (P9SE-CPXX-071WP)
    Infused with a pair of ornate copper beads, an earthy collection of rustic copper and tranquil turquoise discs alternate along a stretchy band for an authentically artisan inspired look.

    Ring: "Slanted Shimmer" (P4TR-CPXX-059WP)
    Studded and smooth copper bars delicately slant across the finger between a border of copper rope-like texture, coalescing into a rustic band. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit.

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