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Center Target - Silver Set

Combination Set: Silver
Color: Silver
  • Fashion Fix:

    Necklace: "On the Main " (P2ST-SVXX-095RY)
    Featuring crisscrossed detail, dainty silver frames link below the collar, giving way to a dramatic half-moon plate radiating with dizzying tribal details for a fierce look. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

    Ring: "Center Target " (P5RE-CPWT-101XI)
    Featuring smooth and hammered finishes, antiqued silver frames ripple out into a dizzying centerpiece atop the finger. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit. Sold as one individual ring.

    Earring: "Totally On Target " (P5TR-SVXX-166RY)
    Featuring faceted surfaces, an asymmetrical collection of cloudy faux stone beads are pressed along the spine of a rustic copper cuff, creating a mystical accent piece that wraps around the wrist.

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